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Colin, we just wanted to thank you so much for the absolutely amazing, stunning photographs you took. You truly made memories for us of our very special day. We are just thrilled with the photos. - Much thanks, Dan and Natalie and family.

ike a jewel caught in the hem of the Rockies this land of snowy mountains and sparkling lakes is a mere hour’s drive from the bustling city of Calgary, Canada’s Denver of the north. Kananaskis Mountain Village sits at the upper end of this unspoiled wilderness, boasting a superb complex of hotels and meeting facilities.

Weddings take place outdoors on any of the five viewpoints overlooking the famous mountain-rimmed Kananaskis golf course, or indoors in the excellent facilities at the village, or for a more traditional approach, in the beautiful hand built Country Church at the nearby Rafter Six Ranch.

Favourite photography locations include the Kananaskis River and sometimes the village heli pad - which provides a 360 degree panorama of peaks. My favourite time is evening, just when the sun dips behind towering Mount Kidd and sends rays of sunlight onto the meadows and riverflats below.

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